Saving the environment, cutting costs.

We are an internationally active, family owned company and believe that it is important to take an active environmental approach, as part of corporate citizenship.

Our product, metal wire, is itself environmentally friendly, as it can be remelted as often as needed and reused for new applications. The conservation or even the enhancement of our environment for generations to come should not be incompatible with customer focus and economic efficiency. This is why we take a number of measures to ensure that our production is sustainable, saving resources and helping to protect the environment. 

Green Technology - Green Facility
This is not just about having a green image. As an example, Dahmen and Trakus are monitoring energy, inert gas, water and waste disposal costs to identify any savings potential. Our commitment to protecting the environment involves dedicated planning. It is about effectively translating jointly agreed measures into structured individual projects and thoroughly keeping track of their systematic implementation. We believe this approach also helps to improve the quality of our products and increase the commitment of our staff.

Energy efficiency - ecological production
The use of established, well-organized and controlled processes for handling corrosion-, acid- and heat-resistant steel, as well as non-ferrous metals helps strengthen our competitive position. With our specific concept for integrated environmental protection along the whole value chain, we realize our objective of responsible production. At our Iserlohn and Gummersbach sites, we are fully committed to tackling the greatest environment challenge that our industry currently faces: working without toxic substances.
Protecting humankind and the natural world
Our staff at both locations are vital to the implementation of our ambitious goals. They meet the challenges of today’s marketplace with commitment and responsible handling of the resources in all areas of our company's activities. I would therefore like to address my special thanks to our staff at this point and ask them to continue supporting Dahmen and Trakus, so as to strengthen our leading role in protecting humankind and the natural world.

Dr. - Ing. Gösta Dahmen

Managing Partner


Our company - our responsibility
Other than we ourselves, who else is going to take responsibility for achieving our ambitious environmental goals against the background of our corporate philosophy? Contributing to our society and creating a sound environment for our children has always been important to us. This is why we are anxious to make an impact in various areas of our company and to live up to our corporate citizenship. Jointly we have managed to implement a variety of measures in the past:

  • We stopped using pickling equipment and replaced it with the induction annealing process
  • We have implemented the degreasing of equipment without generating waste water
  • We have stopped using Cr6 containing substances (hexavalent chromium) in our workshops
  • We have installed rainwater treatment plants
  • We have succeeded in reducing power and gas consumption using advanced induction annealing


Dipl. - Ing. Dirk Blasberg



Germany as a business location - strictly tested quality
At Dahmen and Trakus, we have set ourselves ambitious goals. We firmly believe that only if our activities are good for the company AND for the environment will we make a meaningful contribution to improving the quality of life, both today and for future generations. Providing the best possible quality and ensuring customer satisfaction are our first priority. However, we regard responsibility for the environment as equally important. Raw materials, as well as auxiliary and operating materials are all sourced from Europe. Most of our suppliers are approved steel manufacturers. All of them work with an environment management system that is at least certified to ISO 14001. Our waste is disposed of in an environmentally sound manner, i.e.  it is thoroughly sorted or categorized before being transferred to a specialised waste management company. Through intelligent logistics, we bundle commodity flows and reduce lead times when loading trucks. 
The future is here
The best performance can only be achieved when partnering with the best suppliers and service providers in the industry. This is what Dahmen and Trakus systematically do. Today nobody can dispute the environmental effects of borax and boron compounds. We avoid these risks by using borax-free products from leading suppliers of wire drawing equipment. 
The way in which we process different materials plays a specific role and we are eager to remain at the cutting edge in terms of our production methods. The selection of auxiliary and operating materials is just as important to us, and we analyse them on an ongoing basis to ensure they do not pose a risk to either our staff or the environment.

Thomas Höffgen
Head of Quality Assurance